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Carving of eight auspicious symbols on the outside.

The inner carving is "The Endless Knot", which means the endless cycle of suffering that includes birth, death, and rebirth. And it also represents the inseparable relation of emptiness and underlying existence of the world.

Effects of Chakra Sound:

1. Third Eye Chakra (A#):

The forehead chakra is related to the pineal gland and therefore with the elements of light or spirit. The corresponding tone is A and the color is indigo. The corresponding stones include azurite, lapis lazuli, and blue sapphire. In additions to is related to clairvoyance, intuition, and introspection. If it is blocked this can lead to visual problems and headaches.

2.  Crown chakra (B#)

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is connected with the elements of cosmic consciousness of infinity. The corresponding tone is B and the colors associated with the chakra is violet or white. The corresponding stones are amethyst and feldspar. Through the crown chakras, you can contact mystical cosmic elements and achieve enlightenment, non-duality, and ecstasy. If it’s clocked this can result in spiritual or mental confusion, depression or apathy.

3. Root Chakras (C#

This chakra is located at the base of the spine also knows as the base or root chakra corresponding to the earth element and is connected to the adrenal glands. The corresponding color is red and the tone is C. the stones that correspond to this chakra include hematite, red jasper, and ruby. This chakra accommodates the need for security, survival, a feeling of being rooted or grounded and the awareness of the body. If it is blocked this can lead to constipation, sciatica, and corpulence. 

4. Sacral Chakra (D#)

The sacral chakra is related to the male and female reproductive gland, the testicles and the ovaries. The element is water and the color is orange and the corresponding tone is D. The precious stones that correspond to the chakra are Carnelian, fiery opal and moonstone. It is responsible for sexuality anteing to belong to a group and being able to relate to others. If it is clocked this can lead to problems with the lower back, the kidneys, the womb or the bladder and fertility. 

5.  Solar Plexus Chakra (E#)
The solar plexus of the Solaris symbolizes the fire element and is connected to the pancreas and adrenal glands. The color is yellow and the corresponding tone is E. the stone that corresponds to this chakra are Amber, citrine and golden topaz. This chakra accommodates self-confidence, power, and energy as well as the deeper emotions. If it is blocked this can lead to problems such as diabetes, hypoglycemia and stomach disorders.

6.  Heart Chakra (F#) 

The heart chakra is connected with the thymus and the element air. The corresponding color is green and the tone is F. The corresponding stones include emerald, chrysalides, and aventurine. This is the chakra of unconditional love, compassion and free will of the self. If it is blocked this can lead to heart and lungs disorders and high blood pressure.

7.Throat Chakra (G#)
The element of the throat chakra is related to endocrine glands which are thyroid and the hypothalamus. This chakra corresponds to the color blue and tone G. The corresponding stones are aquamarine and turquoise. This chakra is responsible for the creativity of singing, speaking and inner hearing. If it is blocked this could lead to hearing problems, stiff neck and shoulders, thyroid disorders and pain in arms and hands.

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