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Dhukkar also known as Sitatapatra  is a female deity whose magical formulas (Skt. mantrapada) issued forth from the crown protuberance of Buddha Shakyamuni, while he was remaining in samadhi, in the assembly hall of the gods, in the heaven of the Thirty-Three.[1]

Sitatapatra/Dhukkar gained great popularity as a powerful method to avert obstacles in ancient India and has been continuously practised up to the present day. Sitatapatra is invoked to protect the practitioners against calamities and malignant beings. Reciting her mantra is said to avert evil influences and purify defilements. Her dharani is also said to have the power of protection when worn in an amulet, the power to alter the weather and offers immediate protection in adverse circumstances. Various rituals developed around the practice of Sitatapatra, such as the fire offering, torma offering, drawing mandalas, establishing protective circles, and her dharanis were often inserted as dharmakaya relics into stupas.

Sitatapatra/Dhukkar is brilliant white, radiating with love and compassion and her body is adorned with various ornaments. In her most common form she is depicted with 1,000 heads, 1,000 arms, 1,000 legs and 1,000,000 eyes. In her two central hands she holds a dharma wheel and the handle of the white parasol from which she takes her name. In her other hands she holds a multitude of various weapons.

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